Saturday, June 28, 2008


Week one is officially completed!!

It's kind of been a long week, but so has the last year. Last weekend was the Race for the Cure here in St. Louis. This was my second year "running" it. With over 60,000 people on the race course, it's really kind of hard to actually run. But, it's still my favorite race. There's something about seeing the pink survivor shirts and the "celebration of/memory of" bibs that just gives me goosebumps and makes me want to cry.

I've registered for another race... the nike human race in Chicago on August 31! I have mixed fillings about it actually. This will be my first race that I've done by myself. And, my brother, who lives in Chicago, informed me that I'll have to get a hotel room since their place is so small! Yes, I agree, that's ridiculous!!! I believe I've conned my mom into going up with me, but unless she goes, I probably won't end up going up. I just can't afford a hotel room in Chicago; let alone a hotel room in Chicago on a holiday weekend. Plus, I have to pick up my race packet the weekend before... unless I can get someone to do that I won't be participating anyways. Although, the race ends up being placed just about perfectly in my training schedule. Oh! I want to do it so badly... there's supposed to be some 15,000 people entered in Chicago. That day there are 24 other races of the same distance going on around the world.

In other running news, I GOT NEW SHOES!!! I've finally been fitted for running shoes and took them for a spin tonight. So far, so good! It was good to find out the shoes I was wearing weren't completely bad for me, but they recommended a different pair. Tonight I ran 3 miles! I stopped once to tie my shoe (doesn't count) and two other times (yet, for very short periods of time). To purchase said shoes I had to dip into my emergency funds, but figured I'd rather spend $100 on the shoes than another $1,000 on an emergency room visit. I'm calling it preventative emergency. I've also figured out darkness is a great motivator to run faster. I got up around 4:30 this morning to open and once I got off, I absolutely had to take a nap. By the time I woke up, I had to choose between running and going to church. Even though I'm going to church tomorrow night, after the Saturday night service a group of us go out to dinner or the like. I really need to be around people right now so I opted to forgo running by myself and head out to be with other humans. My stubbornness got a hold of me and I refused to not complete a training day. I headed out around 8:30 or so. Since it was getting darker and it's pride fest in my park, I ran my route backwards. By the time I made it to the final turn, I had to turn my music off because I was freaked out. I think it pace increased by a good 2 minutes though!

Gotta Run!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Late to Bed; Early to Rise

I just came back from a pretty good run. Today I ran 2 miles... without stopping! There were several points that I wanted to stop for a bit, but I kept telling myself it was only 2 miles; you can do it. That strategy worked today, but I'm think it's not going to work on race day. It's only 13.1 miles... nope, that makes me want to curl up in the fetal position and cry.

My exuberance was short lived though. First, let me say this, weight lose is not my goal in running my half marathon, but I figured it was bound to happen and wanted to keep track. So, Wednesday is my day to track such successes or, as today proved, failures. I gained 5 lbs this week!!!!! Seriously... how does that happen?!?! It's true, I don't eat perfectly and I did have a cupcake and possibly a couple pastries at work this week. But, I'm doing the whole weight watchers thing and I've had additional points for all of that stuff. Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed about it and trying not to let it get me down because I just stinkin' ran 2 miles!!!!

Getting past it...

Like I said in an earlier post, one of my friends (Lara) and I get up earlier and walk together when we can. It's great motivation to know she's waiting outside my door at 5:30 a.m. Especially when I'm closing every night and couldn't drag my butt out of bed without her there.

We've now come to realize we'll see the same people in the park and look forward to our casual greetings. A few weeks ago we were walking along and heard this stomping behind us. It kept getting closer and closer until finally they passed us... it was the most adorable little boy running, with all the joy in the world, next to his dad. The little boy yelled "good morning!" when he was still probably 5 feet behind us (adorable!!). As they passed, his dad also greeted us and they scampered (mainly the little child) off on their run. Last week the dad (who's always in spandex) ran past us again, but without child. We continued disappointed because of course in our heads he's an amazing father who loves his child and the little boy is eagerly waiting to go for a run with dad every morning. As we walked along today we began wondering where spandex man was and if he'd mended his relationship with his son. About that time we see him off in the distance running in his spandex glory being out paced by his little boy!! Way to go kid!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Small Victories

As I continue my quest to finish the half marathon, I've come to realize it's full of small victories. Even with my slightly type A and extremely stubborn personality, I'm surprised at how much satisfaction I get from crossing of a completed training day on my training calendar. There have been several days were I really didn't want to do that day's activities, but I finished each one and joyfully crossed it off.

Today marked another small victory. I finished my 2.5 mile run without stopping! And, shaved about a minute of my time. Funny enough, the thing that kept me going when I wanted to stop was this stupid blog. I knew as soon as I made it I could come home and rejoice in my victory.

Tomorrow I get to get up early to go for a walk with my friend. She's doing a walking program through google... walk for good. We've both found that we're more likely to actually get our butts out of bed to go if we know the other person is counting on us. Selfishly I also love it because it's a time I get to hang out with a friend...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

People are watching...

I realize people watch me when I run (Betsy), but it's hot here and running cloths are tight! I bought some new running cloths the other day and I'm just not comfortable in them. They are a little tight; I'm used to the old baggy t-shirt and capri's. My whole run I was looking around to see which angle people were coming from and adjusting my clothing depending. Because of that, I had a horrible run. I was self conscience and awkwardly aware of my boobs, stomach, thighs, sweat, and the hot runners coming up from behind. At one point my chant (yea I sometimes chant to myself) went from "don't fall, don't fall, don't fall" to "keep hot runner guy away, keep hot runner guy away, keep hot runner guy away!"

Today I ran my two miles. I stopped briefly twice; not sure why. I'm really trying to not get down on myself when I stop because my goal isn't to run the whole half marathon but to finish. I'll be okay if I stop to walk a bit during the half as long as I cross the finish line and get my medal (the real reason to do this).

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rest day?

Even though I'm sticking to my training schedule, I still feel like I'm not really in training. Sunday was my "rest" day. I didn't get that much of a rest considering I opened at Sbux where you get a nice workout standing on your feet while making latte after latte. Later that afternoon I went to the Cardinal game where I took the stairs to the Metro and to my seat. Whew... stairs sure work different muscles than running!

Yesterday was my stretch and strength day. I forgot about it till I was at work. I'll admit using a 5 lb bullet of coffee did cross my mind. Never the less I got home from work and went through my routine.

Today I had a 30 minute cross. All I've done on those so far is walk which I don't feel like it's helping me. I'd love to go for a bike ride or swim or something, but I don't have a bike and can't afford a gym membership. So, I walk.

My knee has been hurting a bit. Yea! the one I sprang a few months ago which sent me to the ER. I've been really good about icing it when I get off work or finished with a run. Also, I purchased some glucosamine today too. Hopefully I won't end up back in the ER! Other than that I've been feeling really good.

Tomorrow's a 2 mile and strength. I think I have to get up at the butt crack of dawn to do it too.