Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I learned this morning...

  • horrible storms at night does not equal storms in the morning
  • if it doesn't look like it will rain and says it won't, I have no excuse for skipping a long run
  • bootcamp kicked my princasse yesterday
  • half an apple is a horrible pre-run snack
  • there's not always a deer on schoolhouse path
  • Doing 6 miles on tired, sore muscles IS possible
  • Cracker Barrel is a great motivator for early morning long runs

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Running my PrincASS off!!!

It's official!!! I'm going to Disney World!! I'm super excited!! I mean, where else can you run in a tiara?!

We've got 7 girls going down to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. This means we're getting a suite and taking a vacay!!

But, I've got to earn the privilege of running in a tiara... training!

Recently I've been incredibly tired. Not so much tired as lethargic with absolutely no energy what-so-ever. I'm getting plenty of sleep, eating well, low stress levels, etc. I'm guessing my iron levels are crazy low, so I've been trying to remember to take my iron and eating the right stuff. It will be tough, but I'm gonna have to grill up a steak... I mean... for my heath and all!! The ironic thing about low iron is all you want is a cup of coffee (or 5), but caffeine blocks the absorption of iron. Blah... I want coffee!!

This week: 15 1/2 miles and 2 bootcamps

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

There's a muscle there?!

One thing is different this go around... bootcamp. I've built it in as my strength and stretch day. Before I'd half ass this day with a couple sit ups and push ups. That's not exactly how I'd describe bootcamp. Bootcamp is an hour long session of pure torture. We do planks, squats, lunges, sit ups, push ups, swings, mountain climbers, jumping jacks (holding a weight bar of course), etc, etc, etc.

Yesterday we did a new move... the side plank. Did you know you have muscles along the side of you?! Cason does. I do too now. Also, never challenge the trainer to do a move with you. He can do it but for longer and thus make you do it for longer as well.

Today was a short 3 mile run. One small problem, it's 97 degrees here with a heat index of 105. I made a deal with myself at 5:30 this morning: get a couple more hours of sleep and run in the a/c on a treadmill. One small problem...I hate treadmills... with a passion. They are stupid. I'm not a rationale human being at 5:30 a.m. Allow me to explain my disdain...they don't work for training. I mean, sure, you get a workout, but where (other than on a treadmill) will the ground move under you in one nice neat level grade. All you really have to do is pick up your feet and presto the ground moves!! That's not real! Not to mention you are sweating and breathing heavy a little too close to the stranger next to you. No thank you, I'll brave the heat.

Luckily, it cooled off a bit this evening and I got a run in outside, on a hilly route I was unfamiliar with and without proper hydration. I survived, not gracefully, but I survived.

Tomorrow... two miles followed by bootcamp (insert HUGE question mark here)

Monday, June 21, 2010

finishing the race I started

It's been too long, but I've resurrected this old blog as I start training once again for the Lewis and Clark Half Marathon. I tried blogging my way through my last half marathon training and did so with minor success; I'm making no promises this time. But atlas, today I once again started training as I attempt (hopefully succeed at) the Lewis & Clark Half Marathon on October 3.

Since today was my first training run for this race, I thought back on my first ever training run. It was right around this time 3 years ago for this exact same race. I remember the run clearly. I just made it to Tower Grove Park which was only about 3 blocks from my apartment when I realized my uncle was just about to go into surgery. He was diagnosed with methothelioma (cancer caused by exposure to asbestos) and was undergoing an 18 hour surgery. As I ran I just cried and prayed for him. I felt strangely connected to him at that moment.

Fast forward about 8-9 months. It's September and I'm off to the race with my parents and friend to run 13.1 miles. We knew it was going to rain, but had no clue what we were in for with Hurricane Ike coming through. When we finally made it to the parking lot (10 minutes after the start of the race), there was water up to our knees. I had to make the call in tears to go home without even starting.

That evening turned out to be a gorgeous day in St. Louis. Since I was already hydrated and carbo-loaded, I decided to go for a run. I figured I'd do about 5 miles or so since it was getting dark. At about mile 3 I thought "screw it... I'm doing a half marathon today!!" So... I did. Probably not the smartest thing I've ever done, but I'm stubborn and when I set out to do something I'm gonna do it. As I finished late that night, I thought about my uncle as I had every single run that year.

The next morning I was awaken by a phone call from my cousin. My uncle lost his battle just a couple hours after I had finished running my 13.1 miles. After calling the family and making arrangements to head to Florida, I reflected on the past 8 months. Every single run I did I prayed for my uncle. I'd laugh saying, if he could, he'd be out here with me... such a lie... he'd be sitting by the pool with a whiskey soar!! In some weird poetic way, we started this race together and finished together.

The following spring I would finish not one, but two, half marathons in a week. The latter being with my aunt who raised money for cancer research by running. This fall, I'll finish my fourth half when I finally officially complete the race I started training for with my uncle Steve.