Saturday, March 26, 2011


Remember how I was only 5 pounds away from my first incentive last week? That was until this week's weigh-in.

The past 3 days have been weird. It's been colder (makes my body think it's winter again and I need to prepare for hibernation). I need to go to the grocery store. It all started Wednesday night. Community group = chips and dip night. Typically that's what I have for dinner so it's not terrible. But this night I couldn't stop myself... I just kept eating and eating and eating. Then Thursday..same thing! Thursday night I ate everything in sight. Friday was the same way, but luckily I'd already ate everything and am low on $$ to go buy more.

This all lead to this mornings weigh in where I gained 2.5 pounds!!!

Are you kidding me?!

I immediately got into a funk. A "I hate my life, this sucks, why do I even try funk!" Then I changed my cloths (still in said funk), put my running shoes on and left for my 7 miler.

When I got to the park I texted my roommate saying I hated running and I didn't want to do this at all!!  She wisely texted back "keep in mind sharing closets!!"

You see, last weekend she was putting her cloths away and I saw a dress that I liked. She asked if I wanted to try it on and it fit!! I've never been able to share cloths with anyone so it put me in a super good mood then!

The text helped a little, but didn't carry me through my run. It sucked... every second of it! But, I made it.

When I got back home I weighed myself again. I needed something to cheer me up... I barely had the will to go on trying to lose weight. Low and behold I had lost 2 pounds since that morning. I edited my chart (it's on the line of cheating, but made me feel a whole heck of a lot better!!).

Here's to another week!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Every girl needs some sort of incentive to move mountains (ie meet goals).  Well... this girls got some! I've been trying to figure out what motivates me and to be honest, I don't really know. I'm a driven person who likes to work hard just for the sake of working hard. I like being a good worker, but hard work for the sake of hard work wasn't going to cut it. I needed stuff...

For every 30 pounds I lose, I get a special little treat.  And, at the end of the year upon losing all 111 pounds, I get one ginormous prize (is it really a prize when you have to purchase it yourself?)

First 30 = one of these lovelies from ...

Grand prize!

I'm just 5lbs away from my first incentive!!  Maybe next week I can get me a little something special!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Anything and everything

You know that moment when all the quick and easy tasks are crossed off your to-do list.  That moment when you honker down to get the one or two hour long task completed.  It's right before that moment when you search for anything and everything to do other than the aforementioned task.  Anything from eating an orange to updating your blog.

Oh me; oh my... here I go!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Princess Half Marathon Race Report

Here it is... the LONG over due race report from the Disney Princess Half Marathon. 

Welcome to the most ridiculous race expo EVER!  To be honest, there wasn't much different about this expo than any other expo I've been too, except the crowds.  I'm still baffled because the races I'm normally in have three times as many runners, yet this race was more crowded than any of those.  Still, we went through the normal expo stops.  I bought a 13.1 sticker for my new car... in pink which I quickly replaced with a better version (thank you ebay). 

Since we had a 2 am wake up call, immediately after dinner at Mama Melrose's in Hollywood Studios, we headed back to our hotel room to get some sleep.

The night before a race is always a critical one.  I HAVE to neatly set out all of my race day essentials, attach the d-tag to my shoe, pin my bib to my shirt, fill my water bottles, etc, etc.  I also learned this race that I need to set out my post-race essentials, such as shower needs, ice packs, towels, change of cloths, etc.

Around 7 pm we were tucked into bed... 2 am came much quicker than I anticipated.  Before we could realize exactly what we were doing, we were on the bus headed to the starting line. 

This is my traditional "oh shit! I'm running 13.1 miles" picture... I have one from every race!

Then came the walking and waiting!  We were dropped off probably 3 miles from the starting chutes and had to be in the chutes nearly a hour and a half before our corral would start.  From an event's person's perspective, I have no clue how they could have avoided this, but man was it annoying and exhausting.  I'm a stanch believer in running the bare minimum... I don't want to take one extra step on race day than the necessary 13.1.  We probably did closer to 17 miles this day.

Soon enough we were ready to start and boy do they know how to start a race!!

The race officially started at 5:45 am; my corral didn't start till 6:25.  That just meant more fireworks.  As they started each corral, we had fireworks and the fairy godmother to pump us up and get us going!
Look what princess I found!!

Finally we were off!  I started the race with my friends Lara and Jamie.  We ran the first mile together then Jamie went on to be her bad self and run the entire thing.  I stayed back with Lara as we agreed we'd do this thing together.  We'd never run together before so we had no clue of each others pace.  Come to find out, I run a few minutes faster than her.  I kept running ahead then stopping and walking till she caught up.  Luckily, there was TONS to see and keep my occupied! 

The course took us from Epcot to Magic Kingdom, through Cinderella's Castle, and back to Epcot.  Everything was new and exciting.  There was entertainment and we entered through the back lots of Disney so it was like a backstage pass.  We entered Magic Kingdom and turned a corner and...

I was feeling GREAT!!  The excitement was overwhelming!  Through out the whole course there were opportunities to wait in line and have your picture taken with characters... I never stopped for that cause let's face it, I'm slow and need every second to be moving forward.  But I couldn't resist here and HAD to stop.  Lara moved forward and I'd quickly catch up with her.

The excitment was over and we were turning back for Epcot.  We'd seen all this before, except...

Dancing firemen make everything better!

At this point the road narrowed and we were so crowded there was no way to run if you wanted to.  I got angry!  We started hearing people talking about pace and something about balloons and if you fall behind them they will pick you up and take you to the finish line.  I wanted NOTHING to do with that.  I came to run a half marathon and that's what I was going to do.  At one point I turned around and saw the end of the race.  Maybe a freaked out a little bit and told my friend that we needed to hurry up.  You know, the friend who we promised we were going to do this thing together... yea that friend.  She told me to go on... I asked a second time and she confirmed again for me to leave.  Even though I felt like a huge jerk, I did.  I quickly made up about 5 minutes and got safely ahead of pace. 

We were on a long 3-4 mile stretch of road we'd seen before, the 85 degree sun was pelting us, and I was exhausted from working hard to pull myself ahead.  I cracked at mile 9 and slowed down tremendously.  By mile 11, I felt safe that I'd made the cut and was going to get to finish, so I slowed down even more and resumed picture taking!

We came in some side, employee only entrance into Epcot and circled around till our finish just outside the park (where we started). 

Praising Jesus!!!
I could barely move at this point and would force myself to run for short periods.  But, I turned a corner and THE FINISH LINE!!!


It's important to always be aware of cameras on the course.  They take your picture and magically upload them and tag you for you to purchase crazy expensive pictures of yourself in horrible, horrible pain.  I love me a great finish photo so I raised my hands, put a smile on my face and celebrated!  However, I distinctly remember raising my hands higher... as in straight over my head. Whoops!

After crossing the finish line a medical person nearly blocked my exit and demanded I looked her in the eyes to check me out.  I knew I was extremely dehydrated and was probably in need of medical attention; however, I pushed her aside and went to get a banana and powerade....well after one more picture!

Friday, March 4, 2011

It happened!

I completed the 2011 Disney Princess Half Marathon!!

As soon as I can figure out why my iphone isn't syncing on my computer and/or find the cord to my camera, I'll get more pictures.  Also, I'll type up a whole race day report since it was by far the funnest race I have ever experienced in my entire life!!

In the mean time... enjoy!

About mile 6 - feeling GREAT!

Right before I nearly passed out on the pavement waiting for a bus!