Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What I learned this morning...

  • horrible storms at night does not equal storms in the morning
  • if it doesn't look like it will rain and says it won't, I have no excuse for skipping a long run
  • bootcamp kicked my princasse yesterday
  • half an apple is a horrible pre-run snack
  • there's not always a deer on schoolhouse path
  • Doing 6 miles on tired, sore muscles IS possible
  • Cracker Barrel is a great motivator for early morning long runs

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Running my PrincASS off!!!

It's official!!! I'm going to Disney World!! I'm super excited!! I mean, where else can you run in a tiara?!

We've got 7 girls going down to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. This means we're getting a suite and taking a vacay!!

But, I've got to earn the privilege of running in a tiara... training!

Recently I've been incredibly tired. Not so much tired as lethargic with absolutely no energy what-so-ever. I'm getting plenty of sleep, eating well, low stress levels, etc. I'm guessing my iron levels are crazy low, so I've been trying to remember to take my iron and eating the right stuff. It will be tough, but I'm gonna have to grill up a steak... I mean... for my heath and all!! The ironic thing about low iron is all you want is a cup of coffee (or 5), but caffeine blocks the absorption of iron. Blah... I want coffee!!

This week: 15 1/2 miles and 2 bootcamps