Friday, February 22, 2013

Moderate Success

It's been over a week so I was so frustrated. The week proved to be helpful and was met with moderate success. I didn't loose the 5lbs I wanted to, but I can't get angry over losing 2.5. Each week I feel like I learn more and more...

I don't think I'm eating enough. Which seems contrary to logic... losing weight = eating less. But, many of the days I found myself with points left over (sometimes up to 10 or 12). I wasn't hungry and I often ran out of time in the day so I just didn't eat them. But, I think I wasn't fueling myself to actually lose fat. Kind of like you have to spend money to make money... you have to eat fat (good fat, moderate fat) to lose fat.

Changes for this week...
1. use all my daily points
2. keep moving
3. take it day-by-day: one night I just couldn't imagine how much further I had to go and how I was going to make it there. I started to get overwhelmed when I finally asked myself "can you do this tomorrow?" After answering yes, I decided that's where I'd start. Eat right, drink water, exercise tomorrow and go from there. One. day. at. a. time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I'm frustrated, angry, annoyed, emotionally drained, tired, and probably a little cranky. It's been a long couple of weeks and I'm just about through with it. Today I stepped on the scale and I was up a little over 2 pound! WHAT?! How can this be?! I've been eating healthy, working out 4 times a week, eating within my points, and feeling great!

So... I did what any rational person would do, step on the scale three more times to see if the number would change.


Oh! I know, change the batteries in the scale, that's got to be it!


Ah! Last week you weighed yourself straight out of the shower.

Oh yes... there it is just +.2!

Still... I'm frustrated. I'm convinced God is calling me to really lose weight this year... 100 pounds to be exact. I'm convinced that I need to glorify God with my body. Then, how can I not be succeeding in this?!

Have I been perfect? Absolutely not!
Have I been trying my best and eating within my means?! Absolutely!

So, I'm frustrated. After I sat in that for awhile and texted my friend. I came up with a plan.

This week my goal is to lose 5 pounds. I know, I know, that's a lot. But, I've done it before and I feel like I'm due for a really good week. To do that I'm increasing my protein. Recently I've switched to a lose, but fairly close to vegan diet. I believe it's much healthier (when done right), but I just can't get in the recommended protein that I need and stick within my weight watcher's points. I don't want to give up eating vegan yet, so I'm going to try including a couple servings of hemp protein. On top of that, I'm increasing my workout times and quantity. I've only been doing 4 days at 30 minutes. I'm loving my gympact account, but I think I feel like I'm done once I hit my pact. I've increased that to 6 workouts a week. And, I'm going to get back to distance instead of speed in running. I'm just more comfortable with the distance than I am with speed. However, I know I need to work on speed so one of my days will be in the gym on the treadmill doing speed work.

I'm frustrated.
I have a plan.
I will glorify God with my body.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

31 Challenge

My dear friend and motivator came up with a brilliant and I do mean BRILLIANT plan a few weeks ago. She's always sending me new goals and challenges we could do... I'm not a huge goal setter/challenge taker (okay...aside from the whole marathon thing). But, this was just too good to not partake in. Ladies and gentlemen we present to you....

Confession... just last week I texted my friend and said I couldn't do it...that I was changing it. Of course, ever being the encourager/motivator, said I was being a wimp and that I took off less time from my 5K in fewer weeks.

We'll be having a virtual 5K on both of our birthdays when the time comes. Will you join us?