Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Two steps forward; One step back

I can not get out of this slump. Every month I take two steps forward and one step back. Two weeks ago I lost 3 lbs, last week another 3 lbs, this week however I gained 1.6. It's frustrating! I can't get mojo back to really kick off these pounds. 

I'm no where near my goal for this year. I'm hoping to at least get half way there before the year's up... completely do able. But, only doable if I actually DO something.

What I'm gonna do this week:
- track my food and activity points (horribly got out of the habit)
- no sweets (I did this two weeks ago and lost 3lbs simply by not eating sweets)
- workout (since the last half marathon my workouts have been spotty at best)
- drink water (when I don't workout I have a really hard time getting my water drank)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 3: clouds

There hasn't been a pretty cloud in the sky for days. Every time I think about the photo challenge and look outside, blue clear skies. So, once again... cheating.

Here's a pic from my most recent trip to Chicago. I love running along the lake and I took this in the middle of a 6 mile run. I love the single fluffy cloud.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 2: Tree

Since I'm on a roll cheating... might as well add one more.

This is my special tree in Tower Grove park. I sit under it every time I go there to read. We're friends.

Day 1: Self Portrait

I guess I should actually start doing this photo challenge. I really wanted to take all new pictures, but I haven't looked good enough to take a self portrait since I started it. Enter I semi-new pic.

It reminds me that I really need to get my eyes checked and buy these glasses. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Photo Challenge

My Real Life Friend as we affectionately call each other is in the middle of a 30 Day Photo Challenge. And I'm always up for a fun challenge!

Like many things I do (insert reference to the Engage Scripture reading plan that I'm still doing from last year), I'll finish it, but it might take me a little longer than 30 days. However, unlike the Engage Scripture reading plan, I doubt it will take two years.

Friday, October 7, 2011

I Gotta Have Mo Cowbell

I've got a fever! And the only prescription is Mo' Cowbell!!

It's official... I'm a sucker for a theme! And, I think that's why I've ranked the recent St. Charles Mo' Cowbell Half Marathon just below the Disney Princess Half. I mean, how could you really top Disney?!

My friends Matt and Courtney picked me up early... so early Courtney was laying in the back seat still trying to get a few last minute zzzz's in before running. We parked and got to the starting line in record time. We got out in the bitter cold, took a few pre-race pictures...

Someone remind me to not hide my fuel belt under my fleece when taking pictures.
...and got to the start line about an hour or so early. We wondered around... talked to the people at "Mo' Information" and checked a bag at "MO' bag check" The time came to enter the corral. It was a small race (just 1500 of us), but we all had a cowbell. Enter fun!

After ringing our cowbells for a few minutes, it was start time! We tossed our bells to the side and started running. My plan was to run 12 minutes; walk 1 minute. I stuck pretty close to my plan the entire race. I passed Courtney around mile 3 and got a little worried for her. In my mind I was going to be coming in after her.

The course took us from downtown old St. Charles, through the country, around New Town and back to old St. Charles to finish. The route was kind of boring, but made so much better by the ample volunteers and spectators cheering us on. There were many turns in the course and every single one had at least one volunteer cheering and directing us in the right direction.

I was doing great until New Town (mile 7 or 8). As soon as we left the subdivision and entered farm land again, my legs felt like lead. I couldn't keep going. I started talking to myself and maybe I cursed in front of a small family (sorry parents, they had to learn it eventually)!

Up till this point I knew under 3 would be difficult, but doable. Soon the miles were taking me 13 minutes to run and at mile 10 I just had to walk. Whatever idiot put two gigantic hills at mile 10 needs to be kicked in the kneecaps! I was done. I knew I could run both of them, but if I did, I would be spent and have a hard time finishing the 2 more miles. So I walked.

In the middle of the second hill, a lady passed me and absolutely made my day. She looked at me and said "I've been trying to pass you all day! And, finally I got you. I'm sure it's the hill; I really like hills, but I fully expect you to pass me when we are at the top!" I smiled and thought... you're the first person to actually admit you pace yourself to those around you and have an unspoken competition with them! Sure enough, I got to the top and started running and quickly passed her. She looked at me exhausted and said "See! I told you you'd pass me!" I never saw her again.

Soon, I was back in Old St. Charles. There was the finish line! As I got closer I saw my friend Matt, but no Courtney. As I crossed the line 5 minutes over my goal and 4 minutes from a PR, I was happy. I gave it my absolute all. It wasn't my best time, but by far not my worse.

I grabbed some snacks and a celebratory beer and met Matt to cheer Courtney in! Once she got in, we decided we were starving and would risk offending people with our stinch in order to eat. Quickly we found ourselves with a meal fitting for recovering from the Mo' COWbell half marathon...

I'm extremely happy with my time. I was only 3:30 minutes off my PR, yet I finished in much better shape. I could stand, walk, and still breath afterwards. I didn't have to have Matt pull over in case I vomited and the next day I felt great! No soreness at all!