Monday, September 12, 2011

Under 3

You may remember that my goal for the Illinois Half Marathon was to get under 3 hours. Sadly I missed that goal by 1:22. As I began training for the Mo' Cowbell Half Marathon I just knew this wasn't going to be a PR for me. I remember the moment as I stopped to walk after just a 1:30 of running, this race would be about finishing; not time. Frankly I was okay with that.

Today something changed.

In the middle of my 5 mile run I checked my phone and saw I was on 3 hour half marathon pace and wondered if I could keep it up. At mile 4 I looked again and I was about a minute behind; I dug in and sure enough at mile 5 I was at a 13.3 minute mile! At that pace I'd finish in 2:50!

I think I can do it!

Sunday, September 11, 2011


It finally happened... I got food poisoning.

It's no fun. No fun at all. After enjoying Greek fest with four of my friends, I went for a 5 mile run came home ate a salad and headed out for a walk with my neighbor and good friend. As we made the last turn home, I said "my tummy hurts." That was the beginning. 

The next morning after being up sick all night I texted my friends to see if anyone one of them were sick too. Sure enough, three out of five of us were sick. Opa!

I spent the whole day in bed sleeping and not eating. Wednesday was much of the same, but moved to the couch and I could do some work. It wasn't until Saturday that I could stomach normal food again. 

Good news... I lost 7 pounds last week!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Moved In

I've finally convinced myself I'll never have my apartment just how I want it... there will always be something little to change here and there. Shoot... that's what makes having a home fun. Right? Which means it's time to post the after pictures of my apartment I moved into a couple months ago.

The layout of my place is kind of awkward, but then again I'm kind of awkward so we belong together.

Ta Da! My bed. Yep, you walk right into the bedroom. Oh well...I love how it jumps of the purple wall. I've never been a huge fan of purple. But, my friend Krissy is and she happened to help me A TON with everything. When she suggested it, it just made sense. What you can't see is the stain glass window that has purple accents. And, shoot... it's paint $50 and an hour of work and it would be gone if I didn't like it. Thankfully, I do.

On the opposite wall is the despised faux brick wall. It was hideous! Not anymore...

Confession... the brick is still (and will remain) Kilz white. It was such a pain to paint! And, I like it white.

Through the french doors is the living room. 

I absolutely love my reading corner! I bought a crazy cheap couch in order to buy this lovely, comfy chair. Not regretting that decision. On the other side of the room is my "home office."

Instead of the ugly folded table, imagine a big wood, distressed antique desk with lovely, organized accessories. A chalkboard something was necessary in my apartment and Krissy surprised me with the magnetic primer. Yes, sir, a magnetic, chalkboard stripe... perfect for fun magnets (sadly not strong enough to hold paper) and inspirational messages. 

Past the bathroom where I've done absolutely nothing but paint the medicine cabinet mirror frame.

And you enter the spacious kitchen. Most of the work (albeit, not my work) went into the kitchen. Krissy's hard work with new cabinet doors was a shining success... They are great!!!

And, the reason for the bright green wall in the living room... the bright green walls in the kitchen. They're pretty much perfect.

What's left to do you ask?:
- paint bathroom
- hang pictures (separate post coming about this project)
- buy desk
- get more baskets/totes/bens for organization
- make book shelves for cookbooks
- buy a freakin kitchen trash can
- paint rest of the kitchen
- remove the stickers from the fridge
- organize all my crap in the basement
- hang my living room curtains
- fix the living room blinds (for that matter buy new blinds)
- hang new shower curtain

Wow... what they heck am I doing on the computer?!