Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Not eating together.

I get to be a part of this awesome community. It's not normal. It should be normal to have people who love another, sacrifice for each other, have fun together, fight with each other, and fight for each other; however, in this world it's far too hard to find a group like this. I'm honored and humbled that God put me in this group of not normal people.

Last week was one of those amazing weeks where through all the hard questions, awkward silences, and tears, God met us tangibly and practically. One of the members of our group is getting pounded with struggle after struggle. It seems like every area of her life is getting jacked with in huge ways...her family, her school, her relationships. In response, our community came alongside her with a day of fasting and prayer. After fasting all day, we met to pray for her and her family. It was a sweet time of reading scripture, praying, and taking communion together.

There's a huge focus (rightly so) on community around the table. People are brought together over a meal and around a table. But, this night, not eating together created more community and bonded us more deeply than any meal or table could do.