Friday, March 13, 2009

**it happens

I basically forgot I had this little piece of blog land. Sorry folks... both of you! Life has been crazy busy. I'm not sure exactly what I've been so busy doing, but I'm sure it has been interesting and fun none the less. Apparently this blog is about my training so let's start there.

Tuesday I did my "long" run. This week is pretty easy considering it is supposed to be the 10K race week. Considering I'm broke as a joke, I'm not entering any races other than the big ones. Instead, I ran around Forest Park. It was a gorgeous day! The kind that makes you think spring is here only to find it to be in the 30's the next day. But, it was beautiful!! I opened that morning which meant a get out of bed time of 3:45 a.m., followed by a trip to the office. This meant I was on my feet for 7 hours and then sat for another 3. Needless to say, my legs weren't in tip-top shape. Everything was going fine until I felt what could have been a drop of rain hit my arm. It wasn't. I look over only to find bird poop running down the top of my arm. I maneuvered my sleeve to wipe off only to get a little on my had. I spent the next 4 miles repeating the mantra "use the left hand, use the left hand." Reminding myself to not wipe the sweat away with the poop infected hand. I laugh to myself thinking how can this happen twice* in one lifetime? This run seemed longer and harder than it should. I mean it really is only about 6 miles, but I was exhausted the whole time. The next day I was really sore.

My schedule has just got me all screwed up and my legs can't handle it I guess. I took Wednesday off and yesterday went for a 5 mile run. It was good. Today I was supposed to do another 5, but I just don't think I could. I'm sore. So, I'm not going to and instead spend the evening watching movies and sleeping**. I'm glad this week was a light week and hopefully I can get back on track next week. Did I tell you I'm three weeks ahead of schedule? My plan is to continue as I am and just build the miles. That way, I hopefully won't die come marathon week.

Are you ever sore for no apparent reason??

*The other time was an unfortuneatly timed walk to the metro link for work. Again, I thought it could be rain that hit the top of my head... I was wrong. Once I got to work I spent the first 15 minutes in the bathroom trying to figure out how to wash my hair in the sink. That night at Praise and Worship, it was announced that a bird crapped on me... I loved my friends.

**another 3:45 wake up call.